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Kalkhoff is quite a gem to have in our store

This bicycle brand originates from Germany and is known to be a frontrunner in matching daily convenience with a stylish look.

Kalkhoff offers bikes for all needs and people at all stages of life. Enjoying and experiencing the maximum of cycling freedom is what Kalkhoff strives for.

Kalkhoff made it to our top list of favourite brands

As an über-innovative brand with engineer’s quality, Kalkhoff made it to our top list of favourite brands.

E-bike lovers from all categories will definitely enjoy Kalkhoff’s collection.

Highlighted in our store:

Kalkhoff Entice 7.B Excite


Other models in our store:

  • Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Belt

  • Kalkhoff Berleen 5.G Advance

  • Kalkhoff Image 5.B Belt Move BLX

  • Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.S Move

  • Kalkhoff Image 5.B Excite

  • Kalkhoff Agattu 4.B Advance

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