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Nothing but Go-Fast and Good Times

It only took a single car garage, a surefooted pioneer and a mighty brilliant idea that full- suspension bikes had to be the next innovation of the mountain biking sport.

The result is now known as the ground-breaking brand Santa Cruz. The ultimate philosophy that founder and skateboard-legend Rob Roskopp had in 1994, is still highly alive. Simply advanced bicycles that result in ‘no missed rides’, charmed Ride Out of course to grant Santa Cruz a spot in our gallery of honour.

Darwinism in action

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1994 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz, California. Their first bike, the Tazmon, was a single-pivot dual suspension bike that rattled established sensibilities.

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded on one objective: to make mountain bikes that are “Simply Advanced”. Pioneering technology that results in bikes that perform exceptionally well and are built to last means Santa Cruz Bicycle owners suffer No Missed Rides.

Highlighted in our store:

Santa Cruz V10 X01 Carbon CC 29”


Other models in our store:

  • Santa Cruz Stigmata Force AXS Reserve Carbon CC 700c

  • Santa Cruz Blur CC XX1 RSV

Santa Cruz Tallboy CC XX1 RSV

  • Santa Cruz Chameleon C SE RSV

  • Santa Cruz 5010 CC X01 RSV

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