Part of Move

Discover the latest electric and self-driving cars. Ride bikes of the future. Experience an interactive exhibition, take part in a workshop, come eat, drink coffee or visit an event in our ultramodern event center.

Visit the exhibition ‘Move the City’ and get acquainted with the latest insights and techniques. Experience views on transport in the future and increase your knowledge about mobility in and around the city.

See prototypes and experience interactive games. Mobility is more than cars and bicycles.

Broaden your horizons on mobility.

Move and the exhibition Move the City will open their doors this autumn, next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Move will be open six days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The Ultimate Bike Store

Vsiti us for bikefittings, maintenance and off course your welcome to shop. Take a look at our webshop as well!

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