About Us

Discover your

We’re an experimental place that exists to inspire people to discover their passion for bikes, their cycling tribe and their unique version of freedom.

So, what and where is Ride Out?

You find Ride Out in Move Amsterdam in the Olympic district of Amsterdam.

Our store offers an ideal retreat for shopping crowds, whether you are looking for good bikes and accessories or just want to have a cup of coffee and a snack while watching a race on the big screen behind our bar.

We’re located in the heart of the Olympic District in Amsterdam

What to expect

We’re an aspirational place that fits the community, where consumers can be entertained but also learn something new. Our store plays host to a unique set of future forward cycling brands.

We foster curiosity and deliver moments of brand and product excitement, it’s for the explorers who seek something new and the aspirants who crave more mastery.

Ride Out also organises a full event calendar such as lectures and workshops, as well as rides from our store for those interested in developing their cycling and meeting companions.

For other cyclists, Ride Out is also an ideal starting point to take you through the city by bike or the surrounding countryside. We regularly organise trips from the store and a full program of events is planned throughout the year.

Our team

Commitment to high standards, specialist knowledge and a genuine interest in premium products and services is what describes our team best.

  • Beau · Workshop

  • Carlo · Sales

  • Daan · Manager

  • John · Bikefitter & Workshop

  • Maya · Bikefitter & Sales

  • Miranda · Manager

  • Moustafa · Workshop

Our neighbours

We’re part of Move Amsterdam.

Every visit to this beautiful building on Amsterdam’s Stadionplein, right next to the Olympic Stadium, brings you new experiences. Meet our neighbours: