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So, what if you can have a really good bike? Book a bike fitting at Ride Out Amsterdam!

Always in the right position on your bike

Ride Out is your go-to spot for a really phenomenal bikefit. Why? We have John. He is a pro in his field. He would never say these remarkable things about himself. Because he is a down to earth-Dutchman. He is keen on providing you a perfect cycling posture. And thát’s what matters. Whatever your goal might be, a bikefit benefits every person who wants to excel on his or her own level in riding comfortably and efficiently. Come visit Ride Out for a brilliant bikefit, and as befits a good host we’ll start with a cuppa.

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Why bikefitting?
Are these bikefittings only available for the lucky few? It might come as a surprise, but at Ride Out it is perfectly normal. Why? We know that every inch and corner matter when you want to experience a good, comfortable and injury free ride. Lots of cyclists start to realize that they’re unique. So, it’s important to ride a bike that fits you, and not the other way around.

What actually ís a bikefit?
A bikefitting is an extensive dynamic measurement. Sounds quite interesting right? It actually means we measure you from head to toe. Once we’ve collected all the data, you’ll get a report and we’re able to adjust your bike in such a way that even our John will be amazed by the results.

Cuppa? We’ll start with a good talk about you. And some coffee. We want to hear all about your cycling-experiences, your injuries and most importantly; how about your cycling goals?

What does your body look like and how does it work. That’s the goal of this physical examination. You will have to do some tests. Par exemple, if you’re really as flexible as you told us. No worries, we won’t tell you, we’ll only suggest how to improve your posture.

The Bikefit-bike
After the first examinations we know a lot about you. But we need data. You get to ride our bikefit-bike with a sensory harness that is placed on your ankles, hips, elbows or hands to measure different pivot joints. But that’s not all. We’ll test your shoes, soles, saddle or spacers to find the best possible posture for you.

The Results
Tadaa! You’ll get your personal report with all the details about your ideal posture in it. And, you can check it anytime you like. If that doesn’t knock your socks off!? But more importantly, it’s time for your bike adjustments.

The real deal
With the details from your report, we can adjust your bike. What to expect? We’ll set your saddle, handlebar, frame or shoes, whatever is necessary to bring you the most ultimate ride. And no worries, if you need new equipment, we’ll have plenty of options and wish to think along with your budget.

And what happens after we’ve packed you up? Ride your bike of course! Discover your new posture and enjoy it. It might feel a bit off at first, but time will be your friend. Naturally we offer you our best service so you’re very welcome to visit Ride Out any time you like. We’ll take care of the adjustments that will improve your rides even more. Or just drop by to have coffee with us, we’d love to hear your cycling stories.

For whom?
Every mountain biker, triathlon / time trial cyclist, or race cyclist that wants to enjoy an injury-free, effective ride with the best possible posture.

How about levels?
Whether you’re a skilled rookie, a neat pro or a fresh beginner, a bikefit will help to improve every cyclist with his personal goals. Visit Ride Out and we’ll start with the basics, and that’s you, whoever you are.

Watch Suzanne Brummel her bikefit

Why Ride Out?
Ride Out is the ultimate bicycle store in our beautiful capital Amsterdam. Its means we have very skilled and passionate colleagues and brilliant bikes obviously, but we’ll only advice you on what’s important for you. You’re in charge of your goals.

Bikefitting is a rather special profession. To deliver such kind of customized solutions takes time. And that’s something we’re very willing to invest in you. We share the same love for cycling after all. If that makes you experience your ultimate ride, then we’ve reached our goal.

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Let’s talk what you’ll get and prices
Ride Out has two specific bikefittings for three different categories, specifically: racecyclists, mountainbikers & timetrial/triatlon.

                                                 Time                                          Price
Basic Bikefit                           Plus minus 1 hour                €130
Complete Bikefit                  Plus minus 3 hours            €300

Ride Out always provides a personal bikefit report.

More info?
Contact or call: 020 723 4747
Of check opening hours for a real-life chat. Coffee on us!

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Vsiti us for bikefittings, maintenance and off course your welcome to shop. Take a look at our webshop as well!

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